⭐Snake Mobs Bundle⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mobs

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⭐Snake Mobs Bundle⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mobs

0 ratings

✅ Custom Models

✅ Custom Animation

✅ Custom AI

✅ Random Spawning

✅ Custom Drops

⭕ Poisonous Snake

⭕ Choke Snake

⭕ Snake Queen

The bites of the poisonous snake gives you a strong poison effect. So be careful.

The choke snake jumps and chokes you until you knock it off your head. This snake is a bit faster than the poisonous snake so don't underestimate it.

The snake queen is much larger than it's brothers and sisters. It keeps its distance and spits poison at you. It's likely that other snakes will appear and help their queen in the battle.


- You are not allowed to claim the models, textures, mobs, spawns or skills as your own -

- You are not allowed to redistribute any of the files -

- You're allowed to modify all files -

- You're allowed to join the support Discord and share your server ip when you're using these mobs ❤️ -

- I reserve the right to exclude you from the support for various reasons (being mean is one of them. Mostly the only one actually) -

Make sure to check out the MythicMobs page for further information about the Mob Bundle

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